Saturday, January 25, 2014

"You're a little too Christian for me."

Time flies when you are being blessed.

Wow, where does the time go, because ten years ago today seems like a blink to me.  Are you like me and seek to keep a memory rolodex of the key moments in your life?  Do you enjoy looking back at the your tapestry to see how those moments made you who you are now?  I know I do.  I find it fascinating to remember how key moments occurred and how essential people have walked into God's plan for me. 

So, what was so great about ten years ago you ask?  Well, let me explain.  On January 25, 2004, Sandy and I began to date.  While we had become friends in the latter part of 2003, it was this date that we decided to take a true leap of faith to see what God had in store for us.  I know, I know, "whoa, big deal."  Or maybe, "Congrats guys!"  Or even, "whoopee... now where's the T.V. remote?"  That's a fair response I suppose.  I understand that our day is our day and it probably isn't a big deal to you.  Don't worry, I get it.  But, nonetheless, this is my blog, so for today, it IS a big deal.  So there... Ha!

In a way though, it is kinda cool to realize that ten years ago 'us' started.  You know a decade of stuff happened and the one big thing for us was 'us' actually beginning.  In my opinion, I think we all often just kinda glaze over the details of how our lives really fold out.  I think we often tend to forget the choices that we make can ultimately change the course of our history... and therefore influence the history of others.  We tend to forget how some random choice on a Sunday afternoon can ultimately be a very big deal for days, decades, or even generations to come.  I find it rather fascinating actually, but I guess I am just an overdramatic romantic. 

A lot of people know my story.  And, if you don't, perhaps I can share it with you someday soon.  Nonetheless, I can definitely say my life is filled with a collision of joy and pain and all of the emotions in between.  Yes, I am a very blessed man with a loving Savior, an amazing wife, and five kind of cute kiddos.  Still, it is a full knowledge of deep heartache in the past that gives those blessings of today their sweet taste.  Perhaps in a later post I may provide more details on some of those heartaches, but for now please just trust me that there was a lot of pain.

Nonetheless, ten years ago Sandy took a chance on one very broken guy as she helped put me back together.  In fact, I had a buddy once describe what she did as "breaking into jail" to rescue me.  He was spot on with his statement and quite prophetic actually.

It may surprise you though, but I nearly sabotaged my own rescue.  Yep, I almost prevented it from happening before it we even began.  How did I do this you ask?  With my mouth of course as I once told Sandy seven words that she now jokingly reminds me of from time to time.  I once told her "you're a little too Christian for me."  Yep, I did.  Like I said, they are words that we laugh at now, but at the time they were spoken from a real concern in my faulty feelings.  It was no secret that she knew Jesus better than I did.  It also was no secret that she was living out her faith far better than I was at the time.  Also, she was definitely a few more laps around the Christian track for sure.  Still, I remember though being scared and intimidated of her deep faith.  Not scared of her, but scared of Jesus.  I was scared of truly living beyond the fire insurance that He provided.  For that reason, my ignorant statement of her being "too Christian" nearly sank the 'us' we were destined to become.

With immeasurable grace and patience, Sandy did not quit on me.  She found a way to put Jesus front and center in our family and we have never been the same since.  Scripture teaches a sower is to sow His seed bountifully expecting to reap a bountiful harvest (2 Cor. 9:6).  Please know, Sandy did just that.  While admittedly she may have had no idea of how our lives would turn out, her obedience was still promised a great return.

So if I could share one nugget of wisdom to each of you, it would be to never ever underestimate the little (and big!) choices in our lives that can wind up being necessary big course corrections.  For Sandy and me, it was ten years ago and our destiny was changed forever.

Thank you, my Love.  You truly are an answer to prayer and thank you for rescuing a guy like me.