Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Maiden Voyage...

I have no idea how this will turn out....

Admittedly, the above is not the strongest way to start a new thing.  Still, it is not very often I will begin something not knowing the likely end result.  My risks are often calculated, the workload amount is planned, and the outcomes are predicted.  And for me, things are just easier when I know why I am doing whatever 'that thing' is.

For this blog (and this initial post), I can freely say I simply have no road map for what I am about to do or where it will lead.  I am hardly a blog connoisseur.  I am not even a blog creeper.  Still, I like to do new things and I am sure it will be a process of learning, so I am cool with that.  

I do know I am creating this blog for a particular person though and that person is me.  I really don't think the world needs another vocal opinion on top of all the other countless vocal opinions.  It seems like everyone has something to say and they jump on their keyboards to say it.  After a while, it just becomes noise to me.  A friend once shared that today's social media is like a "narcissistic's playground."  He was spot on.  While I enjoy a great conversation or an updated status just as much as anyone, we all just need to filter our e-comments.  I really don't need to know the smallest detail of your 3:17pm thought, or that you can't fall asleep at 3:17am (yet feel the urge to log on to Facebook and share this issue with your sleeping followers), or even the current status of your glands.  People simply don't care as much as you think they do.  Knowing this, my blogging goal is not to add any more fodder to web's well-fertilized electronic soil.  

Instead, I write this blog in order for me to write more often.  It is as simple as that.  I enjoy writing and I simply don't do it enough.  It is a craft and my craft needs a lot more honing.  I believe words have power and the written word carries extra weight as it can transport people's thoughts better than any other medium.  Because I respect good writing, I hope to become better at it.

I also hope to gain more ram space in my already cluttered mental hard-drive.  My aging microchip processor really needs less stuff to work through so it is time to get some of these thoughts down on 'paper.'  I really am not worried about offending anyone (which I am sure I will) or to have the next flashy "Top Ten Blog."  I really am not after that because I already have the one follower I am after... and that is me.  

So, feel free to share any posts if you find them worthy.  Feel free to give feedback and I will give you mine.  Keep it civil and I will as well.  Still, even with a request to avoid being rude, I suspect I will grow to learn where the delete button is anyways.  Ah well....  

So while I really don't know where this blog will go, I do know it will end the same way it began... which is with me and my thoughts.   

Still, I do hope you enjoy your visit to the LIVING room.