Monday, January 20, 2014

What a weekend... that's no lie!

It is said most people don't like Mondays.  I do.   Mondays allow this stay at home dad to return to normal routines.  You know, set times, meals, schedules, etc..  Yeah, I am that guy who finds comfort in the routine.  Go ahead and cue the control issues... or... on the other hand, don't.  Let's just laugh at that lie instead!  Read on....

This Monday, I find myself trying to catch ahold of the various thoughts crossing my mind as I am left with a blissful hangover from church this weekend.  My church was blessed to have Steve and Wendy Backlund visit for a three-day five-session conference.  The Backlunds spoke on our identity in Christ and the lies that we have all bought into through the years.  Their message is one that is simply complex as it penetrates far deeper than one might imagine.  To say the least, many personal lies were broken off this weekend, leaving me a sense of renewal that I haven't felt in a long time.

Steve and Wendy were simply amazing.  Their ministry, Igniting Hope Ministries, is dedicated to ignite hope and personal victory in individuals, leaders and churches through a revelation of God's goodness in Jesus Christ.  And ignite they did.  With passion, scripture, and laughter, they simply blew us away.  And how did they do this you may ask?  By laughing at each lie we so easily believe.  Yes, laughing.  Literally.  Much of their ministry about how to live a resurrected life is based out of Psalms 2:4, which states: "The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them" (NIV).  We too should do the same.

Sandy and I were literally at our church for more than eighteen hours over the course of the last three days and we still find ourselves thirsting for more.  It is like we are seeing the world through different lenses.  A veil has been lifted to the lies we were believing.  

The Backlunds are amazing and I highly recommend everyone to learn more about them and their prophetic ministry.  What a blessing it was to have them visit and to have a church pressing in for a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus!

While knowing the full biblical context will fall short in the short space provided, below are some quick Backlund nuggets to get a taste of how powerful the words and declarations that we speak of truly are:
  • You will only receive to the level of 'believe' your worth is
  • You can't imagine your way out of a situation, you must speak your way out
  • It is difficult to see how big of a thing you are part of when you are still part of it
  • You can't think a lie when you speak the truth
  • The future is in the mouths of intentional speakers
  • Instead of rehearsing how big your problem is, how about rehearsing how big your God is
  • It takes no effort whatsoever to be pessimistic
  • It is not that you are doing something wrong, it is that you are believing to something wrong
  • Negative worry is a misuse of God's gift of imagination to you
  • You are worth what was paid for you!  Speak as such and you will live as such.

Never underestimate how powerful the words you speak are... they truly can bring heaven to earth.  Thank you Steve and Wendy... you guys are amazing and that is no lie!